Monday, June 30, 2014

Garage Organization 101

Garage Organization 101
Many people have disorganized garages (my self included) so I wanted to share some basic tips and products I have used to help clean up and organize a garage space.  Summer time is the perfect time to take a few days and tackle this type of project.
Below are some simple tips to get yourself organized and to create a plan of attack.

Garage Organizing tips:
  1.  Go through EVERYTHING in your garage and organize before you buy a storage solution so you know what you have and what to get keep.
    • Make a pile to keep, donate, trash, or recycle (check your local city information on local recycle sites and hazards waste drop off locations.
    • Take a day or two to really go through your garage first. 
  2. Buy the right storage system for your needs
    • Do you want open shelving or enclosed?  
      • Some people like to see all of their stuff and others don't 
  3. Store vertically and if possible hang things from the ceiling
    • I have found the Rubbermaid fast track system works great for hanging things on the wall vertically and it is not expensive!
    • This system is great for all of the misc yard tools you have.
  4. Place items you use together near each other
  5. Don't be afraid to bring out the label maker!
    • Label your boxes or bins so it is very clear what is in each thing.  Saves time in the end.
  6. Have fun with it and include the family!

Here is an image showing the use of open shelving, wall organization rails and enclosed storage.  This is the Gladiator wall gear system.

I find after you take the time to understand what all you have to store you can find the right inexpensive storage solutions at your local home improvement stores.

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