Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall 2012 Pantone Fashion Colors

Fall 2012 Pantone Fashion Color Tends
It is my favorite time of the year, FALL!  I love everything about fall and most of all the new fall fashion and color trends.  Below is a quick summary of the Pantone Fashion color report fall 2012.  

I love the 2012 fall color trends this year.  They are very rich and bright this year with a hint of rose and lavender.  The bright colors from summer do continue a bit but some are toned down for fall.  

The ankle colored pant is still very hot and I have found it in stores in most of the colors above!
I will write more about fall fashion trends in my next post.  

Design Inspirations
The Pantone report shares some top designs inspirations and other thoughts around the fall color trends so I wrote up my thoughts on the fall colors;

Inspirations:  I look toward fashion and fabrics for my color inspiration when designing interiors and my jewelry.  I love the use of bright rich colors with texture, and rich neutrals   The current project I am working on uses the rich french roast browns, light titanium grey colors, and white as the foundation to the design with pops of red, orange, gold, blue, teal and bright chartreuse.

Prominent colors:  I love the rich grey Titanium color with golds but I have falling in love with the Ultramarine green fall this fall.  It is so rich and makes a statement when used with neutrals.  

Signature color:  Bright orange!  It is bright, fun and unexpected

Must-have item: Menswear tweed pencil skirts.  I love the classic sexy line of a pencil skirt and the rich texture of tweed in fall will never go out of style.

Cosmetic accents: I love wearing a red lip with a very neutral eye.  It is a fun way to add a hint of color.

Below is the men's fashion color trends.  I really like the rhubarb color and will be using that in my own fall fashion and interior design.  

Here is a link to the full report if you are interested.

Happy fall shopping and try a new color this fall!  I tried purple this year and I love it!