Sunday, January 20, 2013

Principle of Design - Rhythm

Principle of Design - Rhythm
Rhythm is defined as organized movement, regular patterns or recurrences in design.

There are three primary ways to accomplish rhythm in design; repetition, alternation, progression.  Using these methods of rhythm will impacts a sense of movement in the interior space and guide your eye from one design element to another.

This is the most simplest way to create rhythm in a space.  Elements are repeated in an organized manner in the space.  When used in interior design this repetition can also be utilized to carry the eye throughout the space by repeating simple forms, textures or colors.

The picture above shows this with the use of candles on the table.  The candles lead your eyes deeper into the space, pulling you forward.  This is also show with the art shown on the left hand side of the picture. They are all the same size, color and hung the same height.  It creates a pattern.

Alternation of rhythm can create a little more complex design by alternately changing elements within the design.  The picture above illustrates that with the use of the frames art placement with the doorways.  A rhythm is created with the placement of art, door frame, art, door frame, art.
This brings your eye along the hallway to the main focal point, the red painting.

Progression of rhythm suggests movement and leads your eye in a certain direction.
The picture above illustrates that with the large round pendant fixture as the main focus and then the smaller candles lead your eye into the space and then the very small ceiling fixture pull you deep into the space.

Rhythm is a relative easy principle to use in design and is important in main entrances to pull a person's eye in and pull them in and make them want to see more.

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