Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Elements of Design - Time

Element of Design - Time
The final element of design which is not always thought about is time.  We tend to create space for the now and don't think about how the space will age and how time will influence the design.  Mother nature's forces have a way of affecting the way material look over time.

Colors fade, textures and forms will erode and shapes might even change so, designers need to think about this and design with the future in mind.

We also need to think about using sustainable materials in design so there is less impact on the earth.  Embrace older materials and mix with new to create a very unique design which will get better with age.

Designers also need to be aware of how people's impression and preferences may change with time.

The picture above shows how time has worn the brick down and allowed for grass to grow within it. This space has a great cozy feel with the weathered materials.  Also it shows a great way to use old materials in new spaces by the use of reclaimed barn wood as the house siding.

I also love using copper as an exterior material since it creates a great patina look with time as shown to the right.

It is important to embrace the element of time and create spaces that have a more timeless feel so they age well.

Below are a few of my tips I use while designing to create space that has a more timeless look:

  • Use natural colors for the more expense materials in your spaces. They shouldn't be too trendy.
  • Mix different natural materials in your design to create interest
  • Use color with paint and accessories since they are easy and cheaper to update when the color you used goes out of style.
  • Keep to simple designs that are not to trendy, clean and simple

I use these design tips for commercial and residential design and it has worked well the last 14 years.

Time is a very important element of design since we need to think about creating space that will last a while and improve with age.

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