Friday, April 27, 2012

Inspired by InStyle

Inspired by InStyle Magazine
I am inspired by lots of things for my fashion and interior design projects.  One other passion I have is making jewelry.  I started back in 2000 when I was planning my wedding and I have been doing it ever since.

I find lots of my inspiration for color pallets for my jewelry, fashion and design comes from magazines.

My most current inspiration has been the monthly InStyle color crash course section in the magazine.

Here is the January 2012 color crash course inspiration for a necklace using Seafoam, Mint, Ocean blue, sand and coral crystals.        

Here is my my necklace using those colors.  Since I am so inspired by InStyle I decided to write in and share my note to the "Inspired by InStyle" section in the magazine.

 I am in the May 2012 addition in the Inspired by InStyle section.  It was great to see my short note in the magazine.

Peacock Blue inspiration
Here is the December 2011 InStyle color crash course.  

Peacock blue is a great color and they recommend pairing it with Charcoal, silver, eggplant and Cinnabar for fun.

Here is the necklace I created with the Peacock colors.

Grape Inspiration
In February 2012 InStyle Grape was the new color that inspired me.

They recommend pairing the following colors with grape:
  • Coral red
  • Teal
  • Ivory
  • Yellow for fun

Here is the necklace I created with the grape colors from InStyle.

Peach Inspiration
In April 2012 InStyle magazine the color of the month was Peach.

They recommend paring it up with the following colors:

  • Coral
  • Silver
  • Champagne
  • Lavender for fun

Here is my necklace using the Peach inspired colors from InStyle.

I will be adding all of these to my site snap*string if anyone wants to purchase them.

You never know where your next inspiration will come from and I love using magazines for that.  You can use the tips for fashion, home design and so much more.

The May InStyle color this month is Lemon so that will be fun to create a great bright spring necklace.

What inspires your design and fashion?  I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Neutrals with spring colors

 Neutrals with spring colors
This spring there are so many colors to choice from and if you are afraid of trying color blocking (I am at times) here are some ideas of what colors to pair with our favorite and some new neutrals.

I found these wonderful tips in the March issue of InStyle magazine which I recommend picking up.

Instead of the crisp white this year try a creamy ivory.  It brings a vintage feel to your outfit.  Ivory works great with pastel colors and also with bright bold colors.  InStyle recommends you coordinated it with a crisp color otherwise it will look murky.

Try the following colors with Ivory this spring:
Forest, cornflower, candy apple, or buttercream

I love pairing this neutral with a metallic shoe or a coordinating color so I am not matchy matchy.

I love gray.  It can be a dark or light gray color but it is one of the most popular neutrals now.

You can coordinate pale colors or take a fun approach and use a bold primary color.

Try the following colors with Gray this spring:
Cobalt, seafoam, lavender, or lemon

I love pairing this neutral with a black heel or a coordinating color heel to mix things up.
You can't go wrong with Khaki.  It works well with fall shades of color (which I love) and you can also have fun with bright green.

Try the following colors with Khaki this spring:
Pumpkin, violet,mustard, or lime.

I love pairing cream, brown heel with this neutral or a coordinating color like red with the orange and yellow or a different shade of green when wearing lime.  It is all about playing with combinations.
I struggle with adding navy into my current wardrobe.  I was in high school in the early 90's when all you wore was navy, hunter green and burgundy so I had an overdose of it.

It is a great traditional preppy classic color.  You can freshen it up with new vibrant colors.

Try the following colors with Navy this spring:
Orange, bubblegum, turquoise, or Kelly green.

I would pair a fun colored shoe with this neutral or a cream/khaki heel.  Don't try to wear a navy colored shoe with navy pants/shirt. The colors will never match and it will look off.
I love this newer neutral.  It is more unexpected and military inspired.  Create a more feminine look with very light ladylike colors or take it up a notch and add a pop of red or bright yellow.

Try the following color with Olive this spring:
Cantaloupe, petal pink, scarlet, or celery.

I would pair this neutral with a cream or metallic heel.

This blog post is dedicated to my good friend Sandy who is so sweet and asks me questions all of the time about what goes with what.  I hope this helps you Sandy as you add to your wardrobe.