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2012 Spring/Summer fashion color trends

 2012 Spring color trends
This week I received my spring rewards card from J Crew and they included a preview of the spring/summer 2012 collection.  This made me think writing about the Spring color trends is perfect for my next post.

Yes, some already now and others will know soon that I do like J Crew for most of my clothes.  I do shop at lots of other places but J Crew is my main store. There catalogs also do a great job noting color trends which is consistent with other stores as well.

Pantone fashion color report - Spring 2012
I also love following color trends for interior design and fashion so I found a great report from Pantone noting the2012  fashion color spring trends.  Below is a link to the full report and I highly recommend reading it.  You can even download the report for lots of detail.

Pantone Fashion color report - spring 2012 link

The Pantone color of 2012 is Tangerine Tango which is a fun orange you might have seen and will see more of this spring.  Below is a summary from the color report noting the colors of 2012.

Fashion Trends 
Below are some other trends I have found in many of my favorite stores for this Spring:

I am very pumped for this spring's fashion.  I love color and I am shocked on how much color is out there.  I am used to adding color in my tops with a neutral bottom but I see the opposite.  Lots of colored pants and skirts so have fun with it and any color can work on you. 

 Remember if the color might not work near your face. (I have red hair so I have to be careful on the color of red I wear so I now bought a pair of bright red pants and it works)  you can wear it on the bottom.  Best way to try a color is with a simple pop of color with neutrals.  After you get that down you can be more bold.  (Future post!)

Fashion trends this spring/summer
  • Modern silhouettes (narrower leg lines)
  • Color, color and more color!
  • Bold color blocking (having more than one color in your outfit)
  • Pops of coral/orange
  • Pastels colors
  • Sculptural accessories
  • Prints with prints
  • Color skinny pants and color skirts
  • Ballet flats
  • Animal prints
  • Dangle earrings

I love colored pants and if you have great skinny legs these pants will look great on you!  J Crew has a ton of colors and patterns.  Also Ann Taylor, Gap, and Banana have colored capri's so you will find them everywhere!

If you don't have great skinny legs and want to wear color on the bottom half try a pencil skirt or a-line skirt.  I don't have skinny legs and have kankles so I stay away from capris and love wearing skirts all spring/summer.  (advice my husband gave me last year and he was right).  I own a few of these skirts and I LOVE them.  

I will post more on this topic since it really is just coming out and there is so much more to talk about.

I am very excited I started this blog.  I downloaded a bunch of ideas and questions I have already received from friends and I did not even know where to begin today.  I tend to think a little randomly so bear with.  As some of you know I am not a great writer.  I misspell words all of the time and my grammar is not perfect.  My husband says it is the my charm.  

I hope you enjoy this update on color trends and post any ideas/questions on the blog for future posts.

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