Saturday, February 11, 2012

What shoes to wear with what color pants?

 What color shoes do I wear with what color pants?
I really love having lots of colors of shoes to mix and match in my wardrobe.  I find it a very fun way to jazz up an outfit.  I used to only neutral colored shoes and then I bought my first pair of lime shoes with my first work bonus in 2003 and I never stopped!

I also love Sex and they City and I am a little like Carrie Bradshaw with her love affair with shoes.  Sometimes a girl needs really special shoes to make it through life!  I agree that we have a right to shoes!!!!

 So there are LOTS of options of shoe colors and I am going to blog about my recommendations.

Black pants
It really depends on what color top you have.  If you have a colored top or a neutral top here are some options of shoe colors;

  •  Gray shoe (cool neutral top, any colored top and it is safe)
  • Silver metallic (cool neutral top, any colored top and adds a little fun & shine)
  • Black ( cool neutral top, any colored top and it is safe.  It will elongate your leg especially if you wear pointy toe shoes)
  • Nude (warmer neutral top, any colored top and it adds a little surprise without being too loud.)
  • Gold metallic (warmer neutral top, warmer colored tops and it you want to add some shine)
  • Any colored shoe (you can wear any colored shoe to coordinate with your top or add a pop of color if you are wearing all neutrals.  You can be more matchy matchy with the top and shoe but try to wear a shoe color in the same color family that goes with the top color instead of exactly matching it.  It takes time)
  • Animal print (louder prints like leopard work best when paired with warm neutrals.  Zebra or snake skin work well with color and adds a sexy pop of fun and they never go out of style!

 Gray pants
  • Gray shoe (cool neutral top, any colored top & it is safe)
  • Silver metallic  (cool neutral top, any colored top and adds a little fun & shine)
  • Black (neutral top, any colored top and very classic)
  • Any colored shoe just like black and have fun with it

 Navy pants
  • Silver metallic (cool neutral top and any if you add a fun color top to add shine and fun)
  • Gold metallic (warm neutral top or a fun colored top which adds the shine)
  • Nude (warm neutral top and colored tops)
  • Cream (warm neutral top and colored tops.  Works best in spring/summer for a lighter nude shade option)
  • Brown (warm neutral tops and colored tops)
  • AVOID!!!! I would not wear navy shoes with navy pants.  The shades of navy will be a near miss and it will not look finishes and modern.  

 Tan/neutral pants
  • Gray (cool neutral top and any colored top)
  • Silver metallic (cool neutral top and any colored top, adds the fun pop of shine)
  • Black (cool neutral top and any colored top.  Very classic)
  • Cream (warm neutral top and colored top. Works best in spring/summer)
  • Brown (warm neutral top, colored tops and safe)
  • Any colored shoe just like black pants.  Have fun!

Brown pants

  • Brown shoes (warm neutral tops, colored tops and when you want your foot not to pop)
  • Snake skin (if the color in the shoe have brown in it.  It is a fun way to add more texture in your outfit and take it up a notch)
  • Neutral (warm neutral top, colored tops and when you want your shoe to show but not a color
  • Cream (warm neutral top, colored tops and in warm seasons when you want your shoe to have contrast to the pant color)
  • Any colored shoe just like the pant pants

Red pants or skirts!

  • Brown (warm neutral tops)
  • Black (cool neutral tops)
  • Silver metallic (cool neutral tops and adding the pop of shine)
  • Zebra (when you want to really stand out)
  • Neutral (warm neutral top)
  • Cream (warm weather option with warm neutral tops)
  • If you are brave feel free to add a colored shoe since this spring is the time to do that.  

Orange skirts

  • Black (cool neutral tops be careful if you have on a black top and where black shoes you might look too much like Halloween)
  • Silver (cool neutral tops and adding the pop of shine)
  • Gray (cool neutral top)
  • Brown (warm neutral tops)
  • Neutral (warm neutral tops)
  • Cream (warm neutral tops in warmer weather)
  • Zebra (my favorite shoe to wear with this skirt.  I feel very sexy in this combo and I walk with more confidence in those shoes)
  • You could also wear a red or yellow shoe since they both  are in the warm family if you had on a neutral top.

Gold (yellow) shirt

  • Black (cool neutrals)
  • Silver metallic (cool neutrals not as safe)
  • Gray (cool neutrals or cool colored tops)
  • Brown (warm neutrals)
  • Neutral (warm neutrals)
  • Cream (warm neutrals)

Have fun with animal print here too!  A fun snake skin or zebra print adds the sexy factor into the outfit.
You could also try wearing a similar colored shoe to create a more tonal color look.  Great for spring/summer
Green skirts

  • Black (cool neutrals or cooler colored tops)
  • Silver metallic (cool neutrals or cooler colored tops)
  • Gray (cool neutral or cooler colored tops)
  • Brown (warmer neutrals)
  • Neutral (warmer neutrals)
  • Cream (warmer neutrals in spring/summer)

Having fun

  • Play with adding a neutral animal print shoe in to create a little more sexy look.
  • Add a lime green shoe which is in the same color family but different.  Add a layer of twist and surprise

Lime skirts
  • Black (cool neutral)
  • Silver metallic (cool neutral or cobalt blue top)
  • Gray (cool neutral)
  • Snake skin or zebra (add a pop of fun and sexy to the look) 

Color with color!
  • Lime (neutral to which is fun with a similar shade of shoe with the skirt)
  • Green (green top or neutral top to play with color blocking)
  • Blue (blue top or neutral top to play with color blocking)

Have fun and you can wear any neutral or colored shoe you want.  Play around with the different colors you have in your outfit. 

Think about if you want the shoe to go with the outfit or stand out!

My other favorite is to wear the classic leopard print shoe.  Classic and sexy.  Love love this combo!!!

Blue pants or skirts

  • Gray (cool neutral tops or green tops)
  • Silver metallic (cool neutral tops or lime green)
  • Neutral (white or cream tops)
  • Cream (white or cream tops in warm weather)

Fun with color

  • Animal print (have fun with a fun neutral partnered shoe with a neutral or colored tops)
  • Lime or green (neutral tops or similar shade of green on the tops)
  • Yellow (neutral tops or a light yellow top to play with shade of color)

Neutral pattern skirts 
Have fun with color here!!!  I tend to wear a neutral top and add the pop of color in the shoes for fun.  No right or wrong but try not to be too matchy matchy.

Please leave comments if you found this post helpful and any feedback on how to improve for future posts.  I love trying new things with color and texture and it really comes down to being confidence and being willing to try.  Sometimes you knock it out of the park and other times you miss.  Just get back up if you miss the mark and try again.  


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