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Interior Design websites for inspiration

Interior Design website for inspiration

Some of you know I am an Interior Designer and have been practicing commercial design for almost 13 years.  I love my job and I never can stop changing things in my house and love starting new projects at work.

I will make sure to write about all styles in my blog but I do love mid century modern design so I will post about that style the most since it is what I am drawn toward.

I thought it was time to write about some of the great website I reference, get inspired by and shop at for my home.

Ideas and Inspiration
Below are a few great websites that post pictures of professional designed houses in all types of styles:
   This site posts images of interiors by style (Asian, Contemporary, Eclectic, Mediterranean, Modern, Traditional, & Tropical) and by space type (bathroom, bedroom, closet etc....)

The other great thing about the site is you can create idea books saving your favorite images so you can look back at what you like when it is time to build, redesign or remodel your home. And of course they have section on the website where they post products you can add to your idea book or links to buy them online.
   This site is one of my favorite sites and magazine.  I have subscribed to Dwell for over 10 years.  It is about home design in the modern world.  They focus on modern design and products for a modern home.  The site has ideas, products and great articles about modern design around the world.  You can also get a magazine or iPad subscription to get even more info.  You can also following dwell on facebook too.
      I love Benjamin Moore paints and use them at work all of the time!  There site is wonderful.  They share painting ideas so you can be less scared of color, information on color trends which I am a HUGE fan of!  They also have upload a picture of your room and you can add a new paint color in the photo so you can get an idea of how a new color will look before you paint.  This site is SO great and I can talk about it for hours (but I won't) and will post more about it in the future.  They shear great articles on color combinations, room design, how to create color pallets and more.  You have to check out this site and if you use Facebook, like Benjamin Moore and you get updates on Facebook about the great articles and more.
   I just found this site which allows you to look at mood boards other people made to inspire you and also for you to create your own mood boards for your home projects.  You can sort the mood boards but so many ways (color, space type, kids rooms, materials, style and many more) you need to check it out!

After you find a mood board you like, it lets you where the items are to buy online.  They make it too easy!

I hope you find these home design inspirational websites helpful and fun to look at like I do.  I love seeing what is new and how to put different colors together.  It helps me be a better designer at the office and I am always looking at how to improve my home.

A designer's home is never complete.......

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