Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall shoe trends

2012 Fall shoe trends
I love fall and I really love shoes so I had to write about some of the new fall shoe trends I have been reading about and seeing.

There are so many shoe trends this fall so there is one for everyone!  I do have my favorites....

We need to start off talk about boots!

Knee-High boots:
This style is back and looks even sleeker this fall.  I recommend having at least one black and brown pair of knee high boots for fall/winter.  I also have a blond pair which I love and I am looking for a grey pair.  If you want to elongate your legs find a boot with a pointed toe.  It makes you legs look so long and amazing!

Flat Knee-High boots:
Another great boot style for a more casual look and great for weekends!  A flat boot is comfortable and look great with jeans, dresses and skirts.  Find a pair with some fun details on them to really show your personal style.

High-Heeled lace up boot:
A new boot trend this fall.  The lace up boot is very edgy and the high heel adds a level of sexiness.  They are a fun way to add a fun shoe if you have the a standard knee high boot.

Low-Heeled ankle boot:
These are always in style (thank God!) but this fall you are seeing more fun leather colors, animal prints and a more causal boot.  The style has a more rounded toe.  I am a huge fan of pointed toe shoe so I tend not to wear my grey rounded toe ankle boots.  I think this fall I need to pull them out of my closet.

Now let us shift gears to the menswear trend this fall in shoes.

Cap-Toe Oxfords:
The shoe is very comfortable and the cap-toe adds a pop to sharpen up any outfit.
They look great with jeans or if you want a men's wear twist to an outfit.  I don't own a pair but I might need to try these for a fun casual shoe.

High-Heeled Loafers:
The 90's loafer has had a face lift and looks sophisticated and sexy.  The high heeled loafer has a slimmer profile and added the high heel really makes a statement.  It is a great shoe to wear with a more traditional outfit to add a twist of freshness.  I am looking for a pair of these but not super high.  I need my heels 3" or lower.

Finally we shift to the 3 trends for the heel for this fall.

Evening T-Straps:
This retro style heel has reached new heights and are perfect for a night out!  Have fun with crystals, details, metallic colors, and shine.  This is the way to show your personality in your shoes.  They are very sexy and make a statement.

Ankle-Strap Pumps:
The little strap across the ankle is very flattering.  Find a pair in a fun color, material or animal print to make a simple outfit pop.  I have a few pairs of ankle strap pumps that I wear to work and they also are great with jean or going out.

High-Heeled Mary Janes:
I do love the simple school girl Mary Janes and this fall they are making them sexier.  The profile is slimmer and I also have seen some Mary Janes with a pointed toe instead of the standard rounded toe.  I would love a pair of these in my closet. I think the desire happened when I watched Sex and The City and Carrie found the black patent leather  Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes in Vogue.  I love that show and I think there is a little bit of Carrie in me.

Shoe love affair

Many of you how do know me knows I love shoes and I express myself and my mood through my shoes and fashion.  I also have been very inspired by Sex and the City so I wanted to share my shoe closet with you all.

I will never count how many pairs I own but I love my shoe collection and ladies, you just need to have fun with shoes since they can make any simple outfit make a statement.

Enjoy the fall shoe trends and I am looking for my high heeled Mary Janes!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - Home design ideas and more! Ideas for modern design

A few weeks ago I found a wonderful website that has images, ideas and great articles for home design for any style.  It is called  I LOVE it!  

I am building a house and it has really helped me get inspired for my residential project since I am a commercial interior designer and things are different.

I highly recommend everyone to check it out.  They have great articles about all types of styles, rooms and more.  

Modern Kitchen design by New York Architect Chelsea Atelier Architect, PC

Below is a link to a few articles I found that I really enjoy.  They are are about modern design, modern kitchen design and the use of a fun accent color as a front door (orange).

I am planning on using the midcentury design style in my new house and having an orange front door too.  It is my signature color and it would be fun and unexpected.

I hope you find as interesting as I have.  Feel free to follow me at,  My profile name is thediva.