Sunday, March 24, 2013

2013 Spring color trends

2013 Spring color trends:
Spring is in the air and time to talk about the Pantone spring color trends for 2013.
This spring the color trends are all about balancing the brights and pastel soft colors of spring.

This spring using 3 shades of green to really bring life into the season.  Green is a great color and I love the 3 different shades of green in the color trends since this is a green for everyone.

Below is a link to the entire Pantone 2013 color trend report.

Pantone 2013 fashion color report spring 2013 link

Thought on the color trends for spring:

 I love the use of soft pastel colors this spring mixed with the bright colors.  My favorite color in the spring color trends is Linen.  I it s lovely simple neutral that works with any other color to soften up your spring look.  It is a fresh new color for spring and I just love it!

This spring I am building a home I designed and most of the colors I am using in my house are in the Spring 2013 color trends.  Most of the house is a warm grey with white and espresso brown wood.   The accent colors in the house are Poppy Red, Vibrant Orange, Emerald and Tender shoots.

Prominent Colors:
This spring in my fashion I have been really drawn to Emerald.  I love green and it balances my red hair, pale skin and green eyes.  It is a fun fresh color that can put anyone in a good mode.  We have had a long winter so I think that is also why I have been drawn toward green.   

Signature color:
My signature color is orange!  This spring I am love mixing Nectarine with Linen. They complement each other nicely.  I love a pop of orange and I love the men's color vibrant orange this spring as well.

Must have item:
My spring must have is a fun floral skirt and peplum top.  I love the way a peplum top creates amazing curves on every body type.  It is a must have this spring.

Below are the Spring 2013 color trends for men. They changed the orange to be a little brighter which I really like, changed the yellow to a more gold shade and added 2 grey naturals into the pallet.  It is a very fresh and strong look for spring.  

I really am enjoying the current fashion trends this spring.  There is something for everyone.
Spring fashion trends are:

  • Floral prints
  • Black & white geometric prints
  • Cut outs
  • Bright colors color blocked with the lighter pastel shade
  • Bond stripes
  • Leather
  • Embellishments with beads
  • Sporty
  • Flat or low heels

Let me know what your favorite color and fashion trend is for Spring 2013.

Most importantly is to have fun with fashion and try something new this spring!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Neutral know how - Buff

Neutral Know How - Buff

This spring in InStyle magazine they have had a section called neutral know how which gives you great tips on what colors goes with what neutral.

I really was inspired by this so I wanted to share with you the tips and ideas on a few outfits using the color pallets they are recommending.

Buff is a great simple color that everyone has in their closet.  It is a versatile shade that can be rugged or sophisticated.  If you want to look more luxe pair buff with a strong saturated hue like tomato red or leafy green.  If you want a more rugged look, pair it with earthy tones like gold or oxblood.  Below are 4 work outfit ideas using the 4 colors InStyle is recommending for spring 2013.

Pair a bright cinabar orange/red with buff pants or a skirt.  Add some simple nude shoes and classic pearls and you are set for a work day.

Pair a maize sweater with buff pants to create a earthy tone easy work look.  I paired a fun red/orange shoes with it to give a little unexpected pop of color which goes with the outfit and is not matchy matchy.

I tend to through on my classic pearls on any outfit to add a splash of class.  They never go out of style!

Pair a rich grass green top with buff skirt or pants to give a strong spring look.  Shades of green are huge this year so it is a must color in your closet for 2013.

I paired a simple snake skin neutral shoe with the outfit to add some texture to the look.  I love adding texture into outfits to create interest.

Pair a wine top with buff pants or skirt to create a strong outfit.

I also paired a yellow shoe with this outfit to create interest and to use two of the colors InStyle is recommending to use with buff.

I hope you play with these colors this spring with you buff neutrals.  There are many more Neutral know how tips so more posts to come on this topic.

Let me know what colors worked with your buff neutral.  Have fun!