Sunday, January 26, 2014

Alternative Residential Flooring Options

Alternative residential flooring options

Last year I built a new house that I designed.  I am a commercial Interior Designer so I was not aware of all of the wonderful residential alternative floor options.

Alternative wood flooring option

I love the look of distressed old wood plank floors.  We had troubles finding a wood floor we liked and that was cost effective.  I also have 2 dogs and I was concerned about how wood floor hold up to water and scratches.    

I found a great vinyl plank product that looks like ready reclaimed wood.  It is Mannington Adura Distinctive Plank wood floor.  This product comes in vinyl 5"x48" planks that have great texture, depth and a look like real wood.  
 Click on the link below to see the many different products that will fit every one's unique style.

 I installed the Dockside plank flooring in my kitchen, dinning & front entry and I love it!  It looks like real wood, it cost less than real wood and the product has a good warranty too!

Alternative sheet vinyl flooring option

I don't love the look of sheet vinyl so I wanted to try something very durable and different for my back entry, mudroom & back hallway.

I decided to use a VCT tile.  VCT (vinyl compact tile) is used in high traffic commercial spaces. (school cafeteria, doctor offices, & office storage rooms).  It cost the same as sheet vinyl is more durable.
Here is a Mannington Progressions VCT installed my my mud room.  Chick on link below to see all of the color options.

Mannington VCT link

I love how it turned out and that it is an unexpected product to use in your home.

Alternative tile flooring option

I am not a huge fan of tile floor since it is so cold to the touch, hard and grout is hard to keep clean.

When I was looking into the Adura wood flooring options I found a Adura tile which installs without grout, is not cold, and softer on your feet.

We installed the Mannington Adura Vibe Tile in our 1/2 bath and master bathroom in our house.  I just love it!

Click on the link below to show you all of the many different tile color & style options.  There is something for everyone!

Mannington Adura Tile floor link

There are many different manufactures of VCT and vinyl wood & vinyl tile flooring so make sure to check them all out to find the style you are looking for.

I love the alternative flooring options we used in our new home and they turned out better than I thought they would.

Remember to think outside of the box when looking at what the "standard" flooring options are for your home.  There are so many great new products out there!

Share with me what other alternative residential flooring options you have found.