Saturday, March 2, 2013

Neutral know how - Buff

Neutral Know How - Buff

This spring in InStyle magazine they have had a section called neutral know how which gives you great tips on what colors goes with what neutral.

I really was inspired by this so I wanted to share with you the tips and ideas on a few outfits using the color pallets they are recommending.

Buff is a great simple color that everyone has in their closet.  It is a versatile shade that can be rugged or sophisticated.  If you want to look more luxe pair buff with a strong saturated hue like tomato red or leafy green.  If you want a more rugged look, pair it with earthy tones like gold or oxblood.  Below are 4 work outfit ideas using the 4 colors InStyle is recommending for spring 2013.

Pair a bright cinabar orange/red with buff pants or a skirt.  Add some simple nude shoes and classic pearls and you are set for a work day.

Pair a maize sweater with buff pants to create a earthy tone easy work look.  I paired a fun red/orange shoes with it to give a little unexpected pop of color which goes with the outfit and is not matchy matchy.

I tend to through on my classic pearls on any outfit to add a splash of class.  They never go out of style!

Pair a rich grass green top with buff skirt or pants to give a strong spring look.  Shades of green are huge this year so it is a must color in your closet for 2013.

I paired a simple snake skin neutral shoe with the outfit to add some texture to the look.  I love adding texture into outfits to create interest.

Pair a wine top with buff pants or skirt to create a strong outfit.

I also paired a yellow shoe with this outfit to create interest and to use two of the colors InStyle is recommending to use with buff.

I hope you play with these colors this spring with you buff neutrals.  There are many more Neutral know how tips so more posts to come on this topic.

Let me know what colors worked with your buff neutral.  Have fun! 

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