Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - Home design ideas and more! Ideas for modern design

A few weeks ago I found a wonderful website that has images, ideas and great articles for home design for any style.  It is called  I LOVE it!  

I am building a house and it has really helped me get inspired for my residential project since I am a commercial interior designer and things are different.

I highly recommend everyone to check it out.  They have great articles about all types of styles, rooms and more.  

Modern Kitchen design by New York Architect Chelsea Atelier Architect, PC

Below is a link to a few articles I found that I really enjoy.  They are are about modern design, modern kitchen design and the use of a fun accent color as a front door (orange).

I am planning on using the midcentury design style in my new house and having an orange front door too.  It is my signature color and it would be fun and unexpected.

I hope you find as interesting as I have.  Feel free to follow me at,  My profile name is thediva.


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