Saturday, February 22, 2014

2014 Spring fashion color trends

 2014 Spring fashion color trends
It may not feel like spring will ever arrive but it is time to start thinking about the new spring fashion color trends.

This spring brings a wonderful balance of fresh pastel colors and bright colors that work wonderful together.  I tend to like brighter colors but I really enjoy this lovely mix of colors in the Pantone 2014 spring color report.

Below is a video of Leatrice Eiseman who is the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute describing each color.

TheDiva's thoughts about 2014 Spring color trends:

Prominent colors
I am most excited to add Hemlock into my spring wardrobe this spring.  it is a light fresh green that can go with most colors.

My inspiration for this spring is planning for a trip to The Netherlands & Belgium next month.  It has been such a snowy cold winter I can't wait to see all of the spring flowers starting to bloom!

 Signature color:
As many of you might already know, my signature color is orange.  I do love the new shade of orange this spring.  It is bold but not electric and will freshen any neutral color in your wardrobe.

Must have item for spring 2014
I am looking forward to adding a floral print dress or skirt this spring.  Floral prints are very popular this spring and I am really looking forward to any type of flowers this spring.

What color would you repaint a room or accent piece in your home?
I would use a accent of freesia in a bathroom or bedroom with grey as the neutral.  It brings such energy and life to a space and just makes you smile.

The Men's spring color pallet is similar to the woman's and have changed out Hemlock to a strong earth green - Comfrey.

2014 Spring fashion trends:
This spring I am seeing some fun trends in fashion which I am really excited to try:

  • Flats
  • Sporty
  • Fuller skirts
  • Floral & geometric prints
  • Pastels
  • Iridescence
  • Mesh
  • White classic button down shirt
  • Luxe sweatshirts
  • Black & white

I had toe surgery two months ago and still can't wear my higher heels so I am very excited about fun options for flats.  I also bought a pair of Vans sneakers in metallic gold and I am seeing sneakers worn with skirts and dresses.  I will be trying that sporty trend.

I also love skirts and fuller skirts are so flattering and have a hint of vintage flair.  I am so glad the black & white trend is still going strong since it is so timeless.

Leave a comment on what your favorite Pantone spring 2014 color is and your favorite spring fashion trend.

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