Friday, June 21, 2013

So what design style are you? part 2

So what design style are you?  
Part 2

This post explores 3 more designs style to help you find what interior design style best represents you.  There are so many different styles it is important to understand the differences so you can find the style for you. has a great series of design styles so here is part 2 of what design style are you.

So you style is French Country

French Country is a design style that is very feminine and is a great mix of old world and effortless sophistication.

If you like gently weathered furniture, using vintage decor that is passed down through your generations, use of fresh flowers and floral patterns, layers of fabric and warm whites this is your style.

It is very timeless and very goes out of style.

So your style is Eclectic

Eclectic design is the perfect mix and match of the styles that best represents you.  If you like a few different styles and want to combine them to make it your own then you love Eclectic design.

It is the balance of using unique decor methodical mismatching, layering textures and the use of the unexpected accent to make your home one of a kind.

So your style is Rustic

Rustic design is creating a more cabin charm with rough unpolished wood with a more masculine feel.

If you like to use organic forms, weathered materials, repurposed vintage objects in your home, and warm earth tones this is the style for you.

I have really enjoyed learning more about the many different design styles.  As I keep reading about the different styles, I see many of my friends style become defined for me.

Let me know what you think so far and what style are you?

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